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A Devil Named Hernandez – COMING SOON!!  

In the thrilling sequel to The Devil is Smooth Like Honey, Jorge Hernandez is muscling in on the Canadian marijuana industry, unleashing the same savagery that made him a big player in the Mexican drug cartel. Whether it’s controlling politicians and government officials or using intimidation and violence to get what he wants, few people dare stand in his way.

Although he takes on his enemies with a deceptive ease, it only takes a single threat to his family to bring out the demon inside of him. Fueled by blinding rage, he attacks with a relentless brutality, showing no remorse and offering no mercy.

In a world tainted by racism, corruption, and greed, he proves once again there is a devil and his name is Jorge Hernandez.

In this eye-opening look into the life of the silver-tongued Mexican fox, you find yourself rooting for the society’s underbelly, as sex, drugs and death intermix with family, love, and friendship.

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The Devil is Smooth Like Honey 

El narco. A monster. Un diabloJorge Hernandez had been called many things and it always made him laugh. If there was one word that could be used to describe him, it would be untouchable. Corrupt politicians combined with his charming disposition had contributed to Jorge’s success but it was often the underlying threats behind his handsome smile that sealed the deal. He was unstoppable.

In Paige Noël, he had met his match. A woman who’s as dangerous and sadistic as she was soft and gentle, the last thing he expected was to propose after an explosive first meeting but the intense fire between them was as addictive as the thrill of violence and power. 

When some of his personal enemies turn up dead, Jorge shuffles his daughter into a Canadian school, deciding that things are getting a little too hot in Mexico; but does life ever slow down in this dark, underground world?

The devil is smooth like honey but is heaven ever far away?


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Always be a Wolf 

In a world full of sheep, always be the wolf.

In the gripping sequel to We’re All Animals, Chase Jacobs moves to Toronto with his Colombian bosses, Diego and Jolene Silva, where they expand their élite sex party business. The underground’s best-kept secret is going legit but just as Chase starts a brand new life, tragedy strikes.

The heartbreaking lessons ahead of him are the most difficult he’s ever had to face and Chase must rely on his new family to help him through. But will his blind faith in Diego and Jolene prove to be a mistake and has he underestimated just how far they are willing to go to prove their loyalty?

He learns there are times when passion and anger cause you to throw away the rulebook, even in the face of deadly consequences.

He learns that words have a great deal of power but not as much power as silence.

But most of all, Chase learns that in a world full of sheep, always be a wolf.

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Buckle up!!  You’re in for one HELL of a ride!

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We’re All Animals 

We’re all animals; led by our desires, ready to fight in the light of fear yet with a soul that leads us on a path to wherever we must go.

It started with a broken heart and it took no time for Chase Jacob’s world to spin out of control. An unwanted pregnancy allows his mother and obsessive future bride to manipulate and control his life, turning him bitter and resentful. His destiny becomes a dark road to misery and whenever he tries to take the wheel, temptation only leads him further astray.

When a provocative and sinister side of life introduces itself, Chase discovers there’s an animal lurking inside each of us; a powerful creature that wants to take over. But will he let it win?

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Different Shades of the Same Color 

A bump on the head & life will never be the same

It all started when Natasha Parsons hit her head – in a very undignified manner – at her uncle’s political fundraiser. Suddenly, she finds herself exiled to the country and discovering some surprising truths about her family and her own life. In a world of prejudice and judgment, Natasha quickly learns that we’re all different shades of the same color, but is she ready to accept the darkness that’s lurking around the corner?

Check out the songs that inspired this book and the YouTube video!  Also, here’s the book review from The Journal and article in The Graphic


Her Name is Mariah 

In a world full of sheep, she was the wolf.

new coverMariah Nichols was adaptable. She lived through her parent’s bitter divorce, a childhood of neglect and the discovery that her only sibling was transgender – so the concept of turning into a mortal vampire was just one more adjustment in an already chaotic life.

But when tragedy rips through Mariah’s heart, she realizes what it takes to survive in the world. She must become like an animal and run on instincts, not emotions.

… or so she thought.

Her name is Mariah, and this is her story.

Songs that inspired Her Name is Mariah and YouTube video about the book! Check out this article in The Guardian


The Rock Star of Vampires

What if the person beside you were a vampire, would you know?

The Rock Star of Vampires to be released in spring 2014!

Did Hollywood get it wrong?

A year after transforming into a mortal vampire, Ava Lilith continues to have a lacklustre life. The new dietary requirements and the intensifying of her senses aside, she continues to face unhappiness rather than the glamorous and provocative lifestyle that television and movies would suggest.

She then learns of an underground society of immortal vampires, led by the mysterious ‘rock star of vampires’. Cloaked in shadow, this Immortal sect controls the major powers of the world – from business and finance to science and politics – all manipulated for personal gain and to keep their existence concealed.

Ava finds herself drawn to this secret world where she could live forever and pursue all her dreams. But what will she lose, in order to gain immortality?

Songs that inspired The Rock Star of Vampires and YouTube video telling more about the book! Also, here is an article in The Guardian and Journal.


A Spark before the Fire

A shy child. A rebellious teen. A rock star.

frontcoversparkJimmy Groome never really believed that his life was worth anything. An overweight and unpopular teen, it takes a suicide attempt to bring a traumatic childhood experience into sharp focus. With some encouragement from family and a counsellor, Jimmy picks up a guitar and it quickly becomes obvious that he has a natural talent. After losing weight and joining a band, Jimmy goes from being a shy and insecure child to an outgoing and self-destructive young adult. In a world where sex, drugs and rock n’ roll go hand in hand Jimmy’s future is uncertain.

In this prequel to Fire, we follow Jimmy Groome on his dark path, where he decides if he’ll ignite the fire inside – or if he’ll let it burn out and fade away.

Songs that inspired A Spark before the Fire and the YouTube video discussing the book! 


The Sweet side of love. The Dirty side of rock.

First, there was a match.
In 1992, Tarah Kiersey wasn’t feeling very optimistic about her life. From dead-end jobs to dead-end relationships, she failed to see how anything could ever improve. But at least, she had her music.

Then, there was a spark.

There was something about holding a microphone that made Tarah feel alive. And there was something about how she sang that made people listen. One of those people included William Stacy, a young musician who invited Tarah to join his band, Fire. She said yes and her entire life changed overnight.

And now there’s FIRE!

Songs that inspired Fire and the YouTube video discussing the book! Check out this book review with The Runner! 

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