About Mima

Canadian author Mima (aka Michelle M. Arsenault) is known for her complicated and diverse characters, her dark style, and for never shying away from controversial topics. She writes for people who enjoy being a little bit shocked focusing on the counter-culture.

A writer with a social conscience, Mima often touches on homelessness, indigenous rights, racism, and other issues.

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Mima is the author of:     


A Spark before the Fire

The Rock Star of Vampires

Her Name is Mariah 

Different Shades of the Same Color  

We’re All Animals

Always be a Wolf

The Devil is Smooth Like Honey

 A Devil Named Hernandez

And The Devil Will Laugh

The Devil May Lie

The Devil and his Legacy 

She Was His Angel

We’re All Criminals 

Psychopaths Rule the World

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Articles by Mima:

Stop Running From Your Life and Start Living It – Tiny Buddha, March 2013

I Used to be a Type A Personality – Simpler Life Now

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