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Everybody Wants to Rule the World (2023)

Jorge Hernandez may be the king of gangsters, but lately, he’s been the king of lazy. The former Mexican cartel boss starts to change his mind when a blue-haired freak slashes his tires, calling him a climate criminal. He finally breaks out of hibernation when rumors of a new medication said to be for children with ‘behaviour issues’ is about to become mandatory for all school-aged children. Jorge suspects that the drug is more about making kids compliant and easily controlled, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Who is at the top of the pile of degenerates that are pushing this agenda? Is it just Big Pharma trying to make their next billion, or is it something much more sinister behind this latest plot? Jorge and his gang intend to find out.

One thing is for sure. If you go woke, you go broke with Jorge Hernandez. Just not in the way you might think.





Everybody Wants to rule the world, but will you let them?

House of Hernandez – 2022

When House of Hernandez hits the shelves, readers are unaware that Jorge Hernandez’s memoir is little more than a fictional fairy tale. Then again, when you are a former cartel boss with a murderous streak and a criminal history, it’s best to keep some secrets close to your heart. 

The brash businessman has bigger things to worry about as he swims in the political waters. He has his work cut out for him when trying to get the bleeding heart Alec Athas reelected, but some days his biggest challenge is keeping the Canadian prime minister alive. While evil forces attempt to push Jorge’s political puppet out of office, they have no idea who they’re going up against in this battle. How can you fight against a man with no scruples?

With all the politics and usual drama aside, Jorge struggles as his crime family starts falling apart. Are the walls caving in the House of Hernandez, or had things already been slipping away without him being aware?

Loyalty Above All (there are no exceptions) 2021

The fact that Jorge Hernandez is contemplating ‘doing good’ in the world should be enough to send a shiver down anyone’s spine. He may be living a seemingly legit lifestyle with his family in Canada, but don’t be fooled; this former Mexican cartel boss holds a powerful grip on everything from politics to media, and he’s never beyond getting a little blood on his hands.

When his daughter Maria steps up to someday head the familia, it is with great pride that Jorge breaks down the lessons that will secure her position in life. Giving her a glimpse into his daily activities, she quickly witnesses the stark view of the criminal mastermind at work. It doesn’t matter if he’s yelling at the prime minister or making plans to take someone down; Jorge does so with a powerful and unapologetic swoop. But how much is he willing to reveal? Is he ready for his daughter to learn about his brutal, murderous side? 

In a world where trust is essential, Jorge teaches her the powerful lesson; Loyalty above all. There are no exceptions. 

The Buzz, February 2022

Psychopaths Rule the World (2021) 

There are few things that Jorge Hernandez thrives on more than being in the spotlight. Whether it’s his revealing docuseries, Eat the Rich Before the Rich Eat You, his short stint in politics, or his occasional live stream interviews, Jorge thrives on public admiration despite his insistence that fame is silly. However, his wife Paige has concerns that his need to be the center of attention might one day shine a light into some very dark corners.

When rumors that a tell-all book about the former cartel leader and his ruthless ways start to surface, Jorge is livid. On a mission to uncover the author that plans to expose him as a bloodthirsty vigilante who uses intimidation and corruption to rule his empire, he encounters numerous roadblocks in his race to stop the book from going to press. 

How underground must you go to get away from Jorge Hernandez and his rage? Will a counter book telling a fictional account of his life help to alleviate the problem?

In the tenth book in the Hernandez series, Jorge fears he could drown under the potential media glare. But could a shark-like him ever sink, especially when psychopaths rule the world? 

Psychopaths Rule the World, Buzz PEI, July 2021

We’re All Criminals (2020)

If there is one thing that Jorge Hernandez values as much as power and loyalty, it is his freedom. Despite his countless crimes and acts of vigilantism, he continues to plunge ahead into the 9th book in the Hernandez series, playing by his own rules. While others follow like sheep, Hernandez has always been the wolf, brutally ripping apart anyone who gets in his way.

When a cop has the nerve to show up at his door and harass him, Jorge’s fury quickly ignites. However, rather than sinking his teeth into this one victim, he instead takes on the entire herd, deciding to use the second season of his docuseries, Eat the Rich before the Rich Eat You, to expose the dirty secrets and humiliate the Canadian law enforcers. While Jorge wants to exhibit his power and publicly taunt the police, his family fears that this time, he may have pushed too far. 

Even with his freedom in the balance, Jorge Hernandez won’t back down. Then again, in a world of blurred lines and uncertain morals, are we all the judge and jury, or are we all criminals?

Buzz PEI, February 2021 

She Was His Angel  (2020)

Power-hungry CEO of Our House of Pot, Jorge Hernandez holds tight to his ruthless ways in the 8th book in the Hernandez series when he decides to take down the pharmaceutical industry in one powerful swoop. The man once known as the Mexican cartel leader El Diablo isn’t satisfied controlling the monopoly in the Canadian marijuana industry but wants to make Big Pharma squirm under his thumb. Using his political influence to cripple his nemesis while simultaneously backing the incriminating docuseries Eat the Rich Before the Rich Eat You, Jorge might win the battle but can he win the war?

Recognizing that he’s started a bloodthirsty game of cat and mouse with a sinister opponent, Jorge enlists the help of the only person that he considers his equal. Former assassin Paige Hernandez, one of the most dangerous women in the world, takes on her husband’s advice to do her worst. But when an unexpected adversary forces her hand in a no-win situation, Paige is left with a heart-wrenching decision of who will live…and who will die.

When the couple unites forces, they discover a bloodbath overflowing in deception and disloyalty that shakes them to the core. Together with Paige, Jorge fights their enemy to the end because he is the devil and she was his angel.

The Buzz, July 2020

The Devil and His Legacy (2019)

In the six months since the murder of his trusted comrade, Jorge Hernandez is left questioning his own legacy. While many will remember him as a loving father, loyal husband, and the aggressive businessman who took over the Canadian pot industry, others will forever see him as the predatory, blood-thirsty criminal that tore apart his enemies without a second thought.

In the seventh book in the Hernandez series, Jorge continues to force his ruthless justice on those who slink from the shadows. Whether it be a ghost from the past that should’ve stayed dead or the insidious threats to the same government he controls, no one can stop The Devil.

In the world of Jorge Hernandez, the timid will become powerful, the enemy will repent and nothing stands in the way of The Devil and his Legacy.

The Devil and His Legacy, The Buzz, January 2020

The Devil May Lie (2019)

With blood on his hands, Jorge Hernandez has enforced a brutal takeover of the Canadian legalized marijuana industry. Now facing opponents who want to challenge the existing laws, the former Mexican crime lord has no intention of backing down. His brash style and sharp tongue captivate the media while behind the scenes, those who oppose him are often met by his crime family’s ruthless style of justice.

When a heartbreaking tragedy tears through the country and whispers of racism and government neglect dominates the news, Canada’s latest media darling finds himself courted by the nationally disgraced party. He has murdered, terrorized and tortured to get to the top, and now he’s being groomed to lead one of the country’s political parties.

In the latest book in this brutal series, Jorge Hernandez insists that nothing is more important than the truth…and yet, the devil may lie….

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And The Devil Will Laugh (2018) 

Jorge Hernandez is a driven man. What he sets his mind on he goes after relentlessly, and doesn’t care if he leaves his adversaries in body bags or covered in pools of blood.

He’s ruthless and determined to stake a claim on the Canadian legal marijuana industry. Government operated or privately owned, he and his loyal foot-soldiers will muscle in and tear off a big chunk of it for themselves.

His sinister ambitions aren’t limited to the pot business. He’s also got dreams of making a splash in the political realm.

Unfortunately, if you’re rattling a few cages some very unsavory characters will take notice.

But Jorge is more than a match for whoever takes him on – whether it be muck-raking journalists or political opponents who want to challenge the candidate he bought and paid for. Those who oppose him quickly learn he makes a formidable enemy.

Politicians, police, or white supremacists, nothing stands in his way because Jorge Hernandez always wins.

The angels may sing in heaven but here on earth, the devil will laugh. 

YouTube videos – book description and topics covered in the book

A Devil Named Hernandez (2018)

In the thrilling sequel to The Devil is Smooth Like Honey, Jorge Hernandez is muscling in on the Canadian marijuana industry, unleashing the same savagery that made him a big player in the Mexican drug cartel. Whether it’s controlling politicians and government officials or using intimidation and violence to get what he wants, few people dare stand in his way.

Although he takes on his enemies with deceptive ease, it only takes a single threat to his family to bring out the demon inside of him. Fueled by blinding rage, he attacks with relentless brutality, showing no remorse and offering no mercy.

In a world tainted by racism, corruption, and greed, he proves once again there is a devil and his name is Jorge Hernandez.

In this eye-opening look into the life of the silver-tongued Mexican fox, you find yourself rooting for the society’s underbelly, as sex, drugs, and death intermix with family, love, and friendship.

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The Devil is Smooth Like Honey  (2017)

El narco. A monster. Un diabloJorge Hernandez had been called many things and it always made him laugh. If there was one word that could be used to describe him, it would be untouchable. Corrupt politicians combined with his charming disposition had contributed to Jorge’s success but it was often the underlying threats behind his handsome smile that sealed the deal. He was unstoppable.

In Paige Noël, he had met his match. A woman who’s as dangerous and sadistic as she was soft and gentle, the last thing he expected was to propose after an explosive first meeting but the intense fire between them was as addictive as the thrill of violence and power. 

When some of his personal enemies turn up dead, Jorge shuffles his daughter into a Canadian school, deciding that things are getting a little too hot in Mexico; but does life ever slow down in this dark, underground world?

The devil is smooth like honey but is heaven ever far away?

Always be a Wolf (2017)

In a world full of sheep, always be the wolf.

In the gripping sequel to We’re All Animals, Chase Jacobs moves to Toronto with his Colombian bosses, Diego, and Jolene Silva, where they expand their élite sex party business. The underground’s best-kept secret is going legit but just as Chase starts a brand new life, tragedy strikes.

The heartbreaking lessons ahead of him are the most difficult he’s ever had to face and Chase must rely on his new family to help him through. But will his blind faith in Diego and Jolene prove to be a mistake and has he underestimated just how far they are willing to go to prove their loyalty?

He learns there are times when passion and anger cause you to throw away the rulebook, even in the face of deadly consequences.

He learns that words have a great deal of power but not as much power as silence.

But most of all, Chase learns that in a world full of sheep, always be a wolf.

SKU-001110420_COVER-low (1)

We’re All Animals (2016) 

We’re all animals; led by our desires, ready to fight in the light of fear yet with a soul that leads us on a path to wherever we must go.

It started with a broken heart and it took no time for Chase Jacob’s world to spin out of control. An unwanted pregnancy allows his mother and obsessive future bride to manipulate and control his life, turning him bitter and resentful. His destiny becomes a dark road to misery and whenever he tries to take the wheel, temptation only leads him further astray.

When a provocative and sinister side of life introduces itself, Chase discovers there’s an animal lurking inside each of us; a powerful creature that wants to take over. But will he let it win?

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Different Shades of the Same Color (2016)

A bump on the head & life will never be the same

It all started when Natasha Parsons hit her head – in a very undignified manner – at her uncle’s political fundraiser. Suddenly, she finds herself exiled to the country and discovering some surprising truths about her family and her own life. In a world of prejudice and judgment, Natasha quickly learns that we’re all different shades of the same color, but is she ready to accept the darkness that’s lurking around the corner?

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Her Name is Mariah (2015) 

new coverMariah Nichols was adaptable. She lived through her parent’s bitter divorce, a childhood of neglect, and the discovery that her only sibling was transgender – so the concept of turning into a mortal vampire was just one more adjustment in an already chaotic life.

But when tragedy rips through Mariah’s heart, she realizes what it takes to survive in the world. She must become like an animal and run on instincts, not emotions.

… or so she thought.

Her name is Mariah, and this is her story.

The Rock Star of Vampires (2014)

What if the person beside you were a vampire, would you know?

The Rock Star of Vampires to be released in spring 2014!

Did Hollywood get it wrong?

A year after transforming into a mortal vampire, Ava Lilith continues to have a lacklustre life. The new dietary requirements and the intensifying of her senses aside, she continues to face unhappiness rather than the glamorous and provocative lifestyle that television and movies would suggest.

She then learns of an underground society of immortal vampires, led by the mysterious ‘rock star of vampires’. Cloaked in shadow, this Immortal sect controls the major powers of the world – from business and finance to science and politics – all manipulated for personal gain and to keep their existence concealed.

Ava finds herself drawn to this secret world where she could live forever and pursue all her dreams. But what will she lose, in order to gain immortality?

A Spark before the Fire (2012)

A shy child. A rebellious teen. A rock star.  

Jimmy Groome never really believed that his life was worth anything. An overweight and unpopular teen, it takes a suicide attempt to bring a traumatic childhood experience into sharp focus. With some encouragement from family and a counselor, Jimmy picks up a guitar and it quickly becomes obvious that he has a natural talent. After losing weight and joining a band, Jimmy goes from being a shy and insecure child to an outgoing and self-destructive young adult. In a world where sex, drugs and rock n’ roll goes hand in hand Jimmy’s future is uncertain.

In this prequel to Fire, we follow Jimmy Groome on his dark path, where he decides if he’ll ignite the fire inside – or if he’ll let it burn out and fade away.

Fire (2010) 

The Sweet side of love. The Dirty side of rock.  

First, there was a match.
In 1992, Tarah Kiersey wasn’t feeling very optimistic about her life. From dead-end jobs to dead-end relationships, she failed to see how anything could ever improve. But at least, she had her music.

Then, there was a spark.

There was something about holding a microphone that made Tarah feel alive. And there was something about how she sang that made people listen. One of those people included William Stacy, a young musician who invited Tarah to join his band, Fire. She said yes and her entire life changed overnight.

And now there’s FIRE!

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